Secret Affiliate Machine

Secret Affiliate Machine

What it is?

The “Secret Affiliate Machine” is a Sales Funnel and is working with “Click Funnels”. It was created for all kind of Affiliates who wants to make money easily and with a very good product in the back which sells itself I believe.

What you have to do…

You just watch the Video and follow the mentioned steps to activate it.

First you have to make an account with ClickFunnels but without any costs at the beginning you can start with the 14 Days Free trial as me. The video is separated in five simple steps and after you did one you start with the next part of it.

Most important – get good and clean Traffic!

If you already have a running website with a lot of traffic you can promote it there without using any traffic machines but when you are a beginner and you want to see results inside the test trial I highly recommend that you follow step four in the video and use one of the traffic machines which are already tested and you will get clean traffic and no fake traffic. Sure, that is not for free but you will quickly see results and get your bucks back which is very motivating. You can choose between two tested systems I will explain to you:

“TrafficForMe” which I use and recommend because they are really good in choosing the right traffic for you. They have a really good slogan: “The Traffic Agency That Makes You Richer” If their customers make money, they will make money and because they are doing it to get money they ever will be working as hard as much to make themselves and their clients richer.

“Udimi” which is cheaper than TFM but you have to choose yourself the seller which you mean they have the right traffic for you. That is, simply said more work. You will have to study the sellers profiles to get the right one for you. They are all rated from other users and promoted as well if they deliver good traffic. It is just more work for you in the beginning that is all.

I would recommend you to have a look inside both and decide which is better for you or more payable. Keep in mind that TrafficForMe has a “One Time Offer” in the beginning which you will never see again so if you decide for TFM take the offer! I didn´t do it and spent a lot of more money for the same good traffic that was annoying.

Fazit after Day One:

Without any traffic from TFM (it will take between 24/48h to get it) I have my first team member which I will lead to success. I am pretty excited what will happen if the traffic comes to the “Secret Affiliate Machine Funnel” and I will keep you updated as soon as I have the first results.

Cheers Anja

1st Update after one week

Last week on the 25th of April I ordered 500 clicks traffic from TrafficForMe and the traffic was sent two days later on Saturday and the results are amazing but see yourself:

That means that from 500 clicks I bought amazing 482 were on the link, 57 logged in with their email address and 3 are activated the funnel like me. WOW – I am speechless.



Dirkules Posted on1:34 pm - May 2, 2019

Best Service i ever had… thanks

    admin Posted on1:48 pm - May 2, 2019

    Many thanks Dirk

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