How to build a website online with Wealthy Affiliate

How to build a website online with Wealthy Affiliate

That was actually my biggest problem in the beginning.

I had the idea and asked all my friends and colleagues if they know someone who is able to create a website with me or could help me out. I started with different platforms but without success… I am with good technician knowledge but never was in touch with website building or creating.

WordPress was a new wor(l)d for me, I had never heard before. As people were asking me with which platform I will design my site I was totally stumped. All together I was completely overloaded with everything.

It was not just one time I wanted to give up and step back to my 8/24 life.

But as I told you before, great enough I came to Wealthy Affiliate which has a step by step training “How to build a website online”

First of all, if you work with WA you don´t have to take care of hosting or domain platform in fact you need nothing else because it is all inside this platform you just have to start the training it will guide you through all steps to create a successful website.

Let´s start to create …

Building a website is the 3rd lesson in the Affiliate Bootcamp Training of WA (Lesson 4 in the Online Entrepreneur Training) and what I was most afraid of but in the end, I shouldn´t. Just click on “Websites” and go to the “Builder” marked in yellow. The next step is to choose the “Domain”. I already had one so I took my own but you can register a domain and find a special one for you. A great tool to help is Jaaxy the keyword finder is not just for that it is also showing you great domains.

Keep in mind that a domain always has to be simple to remember and presents your business. If you can write it easily on the keyboard without mistakes it is also good. Most of the people still don´t use the favourite button and just remember the domain to search for so it has to be simple and easy.

Title and Design

Next comes the title of your website and then the Design…puuuh you have to choose out of more than 4k Designs. For me, as a person who is always in trouble to decide between different things it took a little longer and in the end I changed it to my current one after it was online for more than one week. First of all it is important that you choose one you like just to see how easy it is to work with WordPress. I created my website in just a few minutes. It is still not ready and I learn every day a bit more but I am happy to see how easy it is.

…and that´s it!

Your first website is created.

In the next steps of the training you learn to delete the dummy pages and posts, to activate your plugins and get your website ready for SEO. The real work begins now because you have to start writing content but that´s another topic i will come to later.


For me it was the best thing what happened to me in the last 6 month to come to Wealthy Affiliate and I know the difference.

When I tried to start in the past I had to buy my domain myself and you have to pay extra amount for security and so on. Also, if you want to build a website on your own there are a lot of providers but you have to pay a monthly fee anyway. And not all of them are providing training that you learn how to do it, that´s why I get stucked a lot of times and also lost a lot of money. The difference is that you have an “All in One Solution” here. You have the domain included, the website builder, the wordpress training, the hosting and a lot of features which you have to pay extra without WA. Imagine if I would create 50 websites (included with Premium Membership) I would pay 4,75€ (1st year than 8,32€) EACH month for EACH website for just the Basic product which includes nearly nothing that would make 2850€ each month. I believe there will be an offer if you will do it with one provider but just to imagine. Here in WA you pay 49$ a month for the Premium Membership for 50 websites if needed and the Starter Membership is for FREE with 2 websites included. Just have a look and see if you feel comfortable with WA.

How to build a website online with Wealthy Affiliate – join us here!


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