Easy Content Creation

Easy Content Creation

If You are new to blogging or running a website then almost immediately you may feel like you have no idea how you’re going to write content. I have some news for you, some good some bad. Writing content, you’re going to find is probably one of the easiest things about running your website. as a beginner, you may not realize but most of your time is going to be taken up by Social media, interlinking, back linking, growing traffic, website development, YouTube, AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Picture editing, Outreach for guest posting, and training.

That was the bad news. The good news if you do all of these things really well you might actually make some money. The really good news is the very thing you’re worried about, content creation, can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. I’m a go-with-the-flow kind of person so let’s try to make this as easy as possible for you to produce good quality content so you have plenty of time to work on all the other things you have to do.


Before I even get into how you’re going to write this content yourself let’s look at an option for people who truly do not have the time to write content. Upwork, Fiverr, and Legiit are all great sources to find freelancers who will work from low cost to really expensive. I have used all three services, there are dozens of services that do the same thing. I personally would recommend using Upwork because they have a much better set up to be able to find exactly the type of person you are looking for they can do the jobs that you have in mind with the right skills in the right budget.

Easy content creation

Content creation is simply finding topics about your niche or if needed a shoulder niche which is a closely related topic. Every Niche has hundreds of keywords you can write about. At first, you may only be able to think of a few things but let me give you a few examples of how your mind may be making it much harder than it should be. It’s all in the details
let’s say you want to write about working out your niche is exercise and Fitness.

I was actually just talking to a guy today who said he was going to write about workouts and stretching exercises, but he didn’t know what else to write about.

I’m going to break this down in the tiny pieces to show how easy any niche can be. All you have to do is find related topics to write about.

Let’s go with an Ultra-specific Niche within exercise and fitness to show you how this can be done. My Niche is going to be weight benches. Here is some examples of the titles I’m going to write about.

  1. Top 5 weight benches for your garage
  2. Work out Benches, The best height and width for exercises
  3. advantages of a wide grip over a narrow grip for chest presses (shoulder niche)
  4. how to fix a broken bench press
  5. how to build your own workout bench for little to no money
  6. standard vs. Olympic bars what’s the best for your equipment (related)
  7. What the? Not all Olympic bars weigh the same (related)
  8. 10 exercises you can do with your weight bench
  9. 5 stretches everyone should do using just an exercise bench
  10. creative ways to store exercise equipment when not in use
  11. the best way to stack your weights (related)
  12. should you be using collars when working out (related)
  13. weight lifting and spotting what you should know (shoulder niche)
  14. your garage gym is dirtier than your bathroom (shoulder niche)
  15. 3 exercises you’re doing wrong on the flat bench
  16. why you should never use plastic weights (related)
  17. rotator cuff exercises (they will be on a bench) (shoulder niche)
  18. 6 ways to use your weight bench other than as a weight bench
  19. reverse triceps using your weight ( about using the bench)
  20. warm-ups and stretching before working out (shoulder niche)

This seriously took me like 5 minutes to come up with. As you can see I could write a viable post about every single one of these topics. Some of them would be more in-depth and some of them would be shorter just like on a website some posts are going to be really long and some posts are going to be quick and to-the-point. When you have something this specific, certain keywords have to be used over and over such as a bench. It’s just the way it is, but the topics themselves in the post are going to be different even if some of the keywords are going to match. In a larger niche, you have so many more opportunities to not reuse the same keywords and you can keep writing topic after topic. As you see you can write about anything that is closely related to that topic.

This type of site could easily go over different exercises, different workout programs, it could review weightlifting equipment, it could go over power lifting, could go over bodybuilding, I could use brand reviews, equipment reviews, supplements, stretching, warm-up routines, running, high-intensity training, exercising for injury, physical therapy, the list is endless with this type of niche.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that you have access to when you to set up an AdWords account. The great thing is you do not have to spend any money all you have to do is set up the account and Google lets you use the Keyword Planner tool for free. That means that you do not have to pay for all the services that charge you a monthly fee and take money out of your pocket.

Google Keyword Planner is an endless resource for Content creation ideas

You can type in one or many keywords or phrases. The tool will produce a long list of organized keywords and phrases and it will tell you the search volume and how much competition there is for those keywords.

It’s literally impossible to use Google Keyword Planner for any more than a few minutes and not come up with a dozen, keyword ideas. That’s how easy Google’s Keyword Planner is to use. They don’t have to be good ideas and you don’t even have to like what they’re about.

Simply find keywords that have low competition and have monthly searches and write about them. If you can’t find keywords with low competition then go with medium competition or better yet try new keywords and rerun the searches and see if you can find other keywords. Sometimes you need to combine keywords to make a longer phrase or a long tail keyword.

Use the list that Google gave you and re-enter some of those words back into the Google Keyword Planner and see if that produces a new set of words.

Google Search

By typing in a keyword or phrase to the Google search bar you will get results related to what you typed in. Simple right? This is what Google does. You will notice every one of the search results we’ll have something to do with the topic that you typed in. now all you have to do please click on the links and see what other people already wrote about and use them as inspiration to write your own content.

Another great way to find keywords is to scroll down to the bottom of the search results and you will find a list of related terms that Google suggest you also search for. Google recognizes these terms as related to the topic you searched for which means if you write about any of these topics then it will be related to the niche you search for.

Try asking Google questions

What you will find is that Google will try to answer your question but then there will also be a bunch of other suggested questions that also come with answers. These suggestions by Google are showing you ideas and topics that people search for and thus things that you should write about.

What are you passionate about

Did you select a niche that you know nothing about? Did you select a niche that you don’t care anything about? Is your website about something you despise? If you find that you’re lacking interest and are not passionate about what you’re doing then most likely you’re also going to find that you do not like writing for your website. At this point you’re probably going to stop writing for your website and then you’re probably going to fail altogether. I’m sorry I’m kind of straightforward person and I’m not very good at sugar coating it. Most of us turned to websites to earn money because we were tired of working jobs we didn’t like. It only makes sense then if we are in a niche that we have no interest in or do not like then we probably are not going to want to do it day in and day out.

If you can find something you’re passionate about then you will love running your website.

If you can find something you’re passionate about then you will have endless topics because your mind is full of happiness and creativity. If the topics are about something that you’re interested in then you’re going to write better content which is going to bring more traffic to your site. If you have already started a website that you’re not interested in I would find a way to change over to something that you would rather like to do. I have gone through this journey myself and almost quit because I was running a website that I absolutely hated. I eventually gave up working on it and turned to things that I like to do. I now run multiple websites and find enjoyment in the opportunities I’m able to find and write about.

Running a website is hard, so make sure that you’re enjoying what you’re doing. This is really important because once you get done with content creation you have to market and advertise and push your content out to the people come to your website. It does not end with writing. Most of your time will be spent working on designing the website and getting people to come to your website. Content creation really is easy if you wanted to be and you like what you’re doing.

Written by Mike Epson:I blog, run websites, and some times help people who are just getting started. I write about my passions and love to travel. Don’t give up on your dream, it really is possible.



jamie Posted on10:02 pm - Apr 3, 2019

thanks for tips, it does sound easy enough. I think i am trying to make it too hard.

    admin Posted on6:49 pm - Apr 5, 2019

    Hi Jamie,
    many thanks for your feedback on Mikes content which also is the first one on my website!
    For me it was the same…now I just start writing and the words are flying.
    BR Anja

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