Builderall – The Million Dollar Challenge – My live review

Builderall – The Million Dollar Challenge – My live review

The Idea

Liam James Kay presents the “Million Dollar Challenge” on Builderall.

He will show that everybody can achieve a passive income from 1000$ within one month by following his simple steps.

I was invited from someone out of an Affiliate Facebook group and I thought “Why not? If I wouldn´t have success I can quit after one month and if I would have success…even better to have 1000$ more per month. So I started the Builderall Business Membership for 49$ a month to have access to the training and get full support from my promoter. But you can also “Start for Free” there is no need in the beginning to get a business member.

Let´s get started…

I just started today 22.03.2019 with the challenge and I will keep you updated about it. The first I can say is, that I just posted the challenge on my Facebook business account and on my private one in a few groups and get a lot of clicks after a few minutes. Sounds that the people are interested in good money making challenges. And that´s why I jumped into it. Challenge means, that it is a challenge for him aswell, that all the people who are joining it are getting success so it is also a self-challenge to him which is perfect for the success of all others who will join. And by the way, if I will quit after one month, my promoter doesn´t have an recurring income and that is not his goal. The goal here is (for me also) to make all your recruited people succeed that you will be successful – GREAT CHALLENGE!

1st update Monday 25.03.2019

I can´t give a really good update today due to my system issues all the day. But I can say the training inside the challenge is very great. You have also a secret training directly from Liam and a different one on your Builderall Account. I went today for the secret training and learned a lot of important stuff. I will give you an extensive update tomorrow if hopefully my system will work properly again.

2nd Update Tuesday 26.03.2019

Still system issues the hole day that I can´t follow the training right now. It is really annoying. The connection is so bad that it doesn´t make sence to do the training because it gets lost and lost and lost. So just to let you know that the only thing I can do today is the Facebook Advertising. I will promote the challenge and investigate in that.

3rd Update Wednesday 03.04.2019

Challenge Day 12

Due to a surprise weekend in Germany to my fathers 65th Birthday I really did nothing at all since 5 days. But I have a lot of more likes for my website on Facebook. Also, I can say that Facebook blocked my advertising for this review because they count it for “Making money fast” and it is not allowed in their rules they don´t make the difference that I just write the review over it, so I have to find a solution to advertise the challenge on Facebook to find the first leaders for my team in the challenge and I will find one.

4th Update Friday 05.04.2019

Challenge Day 14

I have the first two leaders of my team in the challenge, that is awesome! Inside two weeks the first success, perfect.

I wrote both of them a welcome email and now we will see how it works and I will be there for any kind of questions or if something is needed. Maybe they are powerful with good ideas which we can share to get success together. I´m exited now, which way it will continue.

One bad thing: I can´t reach my mentor since one week, who promised to me all time support in my first month to get success together.

That will never happen with me. If my leads are happy I am happy…that´s for sure. If they don´t have revenue I won´t have too.

…to be continued soon.

5th Update Thursday 11.04.2019

Challenge Day 20

Here are the bad news: My mentor is not available anymore since two weeks now. That`s not motivating. I have a lot of questions about the training and get no answers. He offered me full time support in the beginning and he will make my refund personally if I wouldn´t make even one lead in the first month and also we had a challenge together that he brings me and my business to success and I will invite him to visit Portugal. The challenge is not to make one lead, the challenge is to make minimum 5 leads in the first month to get that passive income from 1000$. I followed the training and get stucked at the YouTube video part and as usual I asked my mentor for help and that is now 2 weeks ago. Further the two leads in my team didn´t activate their account and also didn´t get in touch with me and answered my email.

Here are the good news: I ask for help in the Facebook group and someone picked it up to help me. I truly believe in this and that´s why it is hard to understand on the other side that this is the second time I try Builderall and it is the second time I get no support from my mentor and from different ones. So I will give it a third last chance and hope now with the right mentor it leads to success.

6th Update Saturday 13.04.2019

Challenge Day 22

I tried it for the last time to get in contact with my mentor because I am thinking that something happened to him as he was very trustful and also the person who offered his help knows him and said that the behavior is not common for him but still no answer from him. I will continue to promote the challenge, but consider changing my mentor as I have 8 days left to get my refund if I have no success. Tomorrow will be my day off and I will think about and decide it on Monday.

I will let you know…

7th Update Wednesday 17.04.2019

Challenge finished in Builderall

Final summary: I gained two leads but they were not going active and also don´t answered my emails. My sponsor just helped me out for more or less one week and then I get stucked because I needed help with a few things but he isn´t available since nearly three weeks. I ask for help in the Facebook Group and I was told that I have to quit that Builderall with my current sponsor, get a refund and going back with a different sponsor who will help me constantly. I tried to reach my sponsor a last time on Monday via Instagram but still no success. Yesterday I wrote the support that I want to get the refund because of no help and no answer from my sponsor and ask how long I have to wait until I can join a different sponsor. The terms and conditions of Builderall doesn`t allow the change of the current up-line and they mentioned to give him a second chance. I wrote back to the support that I am not able to reach him for three weeks now that I tried via Facebook, Builderall and now Instagram without success and in this case unfortunately I have to quit with Builderall at all.

I stepped in this challenge because it seemed very interesting to me and I think with the right support it would have been successful but for any kind of reason I got no support for the second time now in Builderall. Please don´t get this wrong, in my opinion Builderall is a great platform for any kind of business too, but it is build different to Wealthy Affiliate in which there is a big community with people helping each other and it doesn´t matter who the sponsor is. That´s why I decided to spend my ful concentration on WAright now and go ahead with the ongoing training.

Thanks to all of you for your attention follow me on Wealthy Affiliate right now.


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