Welcome to my website and nice to meet you.


Born and raised in Germany I noticed very early as a teenager that I wanted to live in the sunny European south in the future. In August 2015 I moved to Portugal and immediately fell in love with this beautiful country and these lovely people in here. Since one year now my wonderful and sometimes a little bit crazy dog Morpheus belongs to me and I never will miss this. So I started to find a way to break out of the everyday hamster wheel. I had to find an income opportunity that gives me the freedom to work from anywhere and a also financial independence – not easy. I tried a lots of things like Online Surveys, little online homework jobs and so on, but nothing which was really helping me out. Then by chance I came across affiliate marketing and deep inside I knew … that’s it! But I had made the bill without the many self-proclaimed “Affiliate Guru’s” who only want to enrich themselves to others and I lost a lots of money. Meanwhile, I started to practice yoga. Why am I telling this? – Because yoga has made me stronger and has stopped me tens of times just giving up. By chance, I came across Wealthy Affiliate and knew already after 2 days of free trial that I found what I was looking for … someone who shows me step by step how to become successful in Affiliate Marketing. And now, here I am.



I want to help others, not to make the same mistakes as me and to learn the system from the beginning. I have always believed that a successful business is only sustainable if your business partners are also permanently successful. Makes sense, right?



My goal is, of course, to become successful in the online business and to open as many peoples eyes as possible  and help them to get a sustainable successful business as well.

All the best,